Tuesday 3 May 2022

Lovely Handmade Jewellery to Enhance Your Beauty

These jewellery designs are 'sensational jewellery pieces,' inspired gems made by Gillian Gaspard. Gillian Gaspard lets her true design senses explode with new and exciting possibilities. She designs very creative jewellery sets with ease and flair, using some of the best jewellery components. No two designs are similar, each design is unique (one-of-a-kind totally original handmade pieces). There are different necklace lengths to choose from like Choker, Lariat, Matinee, Princess etc. These jewellery designs feature a wide assortment of different bead colors, bead shapes, bead sizes and bead types. Most designs are available as 'jewellery sets,' (with matching earrings, necklace and wrist band for each design). Some jewellery sets also have a bonus piece (free pair of earrings, wrist band/bracelet or a finger ring). You will find jewellery for any special occasion, such as christmas candy designs or christmas designs in sparkling red and green. You will also find nice, sophisticated jewellery for professional women and for online zoom meetings. Various jewellery design types include bead string jewellery, wire jewellery, crochet jewellery, bead weave design jewellery, chainmaille jewellery, eco-friendly jewellery designs made from natural or recycled materials. There are lovely jewellery accessories to match all your favorite outfits.

Gillian Gaspard also designs jewellery sets using birthstones such as Amethyst for the month of February, Pearl & Moonstone for the month of June, Opal & Tourmaline for the month of October, Turquoise for the month of December. You can find lovely jewellery pieces in exciting color combinations. The colors create the style or feeling of jewellery pieces that are funky, formal, sophisticated, sweet, natural or very chic. Some beads are used in several different shades of the same basic color. This is a monochromatic color scheme, using monochromatic color combinations such as burgundy and pink, navy blue and light blue and of course purple and lavender. Pantone's color for the year 2022 is called 'Very Peri.' This is a periwinkle blue hue with violet and red in it as well. Pantone's color for the year looks like bluish-purple. Gillian Gaspard is currently designing some of her jewellery sets in this same base color; using lots of violet, lavender, purple and bluish-purple color beads in her designs for 2022. Other great two color combinations include gold and silver, green and amber. There are also fabulous 3 color combinations with red, black and white or gold, silver and copper. These make eye-catching beads that spice up the look!

Gillian Gaspard uses a variety of jewellery materials such as memory wire, stretch thread, suede lace, leather cord, chains. She also uses lovely clasps such as barrel, torpedo, toggles and lobster clasps. She also loves to use many different earring findings in her designs such as French, chandelier, lever back, clip and endless hoop. From outstanding focal beads and rich bead caps to multi-strand ends and spacer bars, Gillian Gaspard tries to ensure that her designs create a very beautiful and artistic look.

Gillian Gaspard's handmade designs are special and cover 7 key areas which are:

  • Patriotic Jewellery (especially for local citizens of Trinidad & Tobago)
  • Jewellery for health and well-being (to help with stress)
  • Jewellery for professional women (women business owners, clerks, secretaries etc)
  • Environment-friendly (from natural materials)
  • Fun bling (jewellery) for teenagers
  • Bridal Jewellery (to make brides look fabulous on their wedding day)
  • Pet Jewellery (for decoration and for pet healing)

These jewellery items make excellent gifts for teenagers, nature lovers, animal lovers, people recovering from physical illness, professional working women, patriotic citizens of Trinidad & Tobago.

Gillian Gaspard's handmade jewellery items are now being featured in 'The Southerner' community newspaper of Trinidad & Tobago and the E-Artisan magazine (for global artisans). Visit her online store to shop for your handmade jewellery at https://shopcaribe.com/store/gillian-gaspard. You can even email her at info@globalspecialtysourcett.com for further information about her jewellery. You can see some more of her creative designs on Behance at https://www.behance.net/gilliangaspard. Her designs are also found on the Trinidad & Tobago Fashion Company website at https://fashiontt.co.tt. Like her jewellery designs on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/ghgglobalpowerhouse. Make sure to follow her on Twitter at https://twitter.com/gilliangaspard. Pin her lovely handmade jewellery designs on Pinterest at https://www.pinterest.com/ggpowerhouse. Sign up right now and subscribe for her very interesting jewellery newsletter at info@globalspecialtysourcett.com. Send her your name, email address and interest in her jewellery newsletter. Make sure to put jewellery newsletter in the subject heading. Thank you for supporting Gillian Gaspard (local artisan of Trinidad & Tobago).

Monday 25 May 2020

Funding Sources for Entrepreneurs

Is your business in crisis? Are you struggling to pay your debts? Are you having problems to raise capital? Do you have a brilliant idea, but having difficulty in finding the seed funding necessary to grow and guide your growth? Do you want to start your own business and wondering about funding sources? Are you in need of funding?

Here at GHG GLOBAL POWERHOUSE, our books provide lots of helpful resources for entrepreneurs and people wanting to start their own business. You will find lots of resources on franchises, funding sources for entrepreneurs, business support, business opportunities, examples of home businesses. There are lots of key tips for the success of startups. Our books are available on AMAZON. Our first book "Your Number One Source for Unlimited Joy, Good Health and Prosperity" is available at http://goo.gl/fofZB6. Our second book "Your Helpful Guide to Business and Career Success" is available at https://goo.gl/b7jYiU.

For a key funding source, make sure to visit  https://www.scandinavianinvestmentnetwork.com/?ref=SC8643M9LQ. The Scandinavian Investment Network, is an online platform, that connects entrepreneurs with a global network of angel investors. These angel investors help entrepreneurs to get funded and to realize their ambitions. Here, entrepreneurs are lucky to meet investors that are willing to fund their projects in Technology, Software, Real Estate, Food & Beverage, Hospitality, Retail, Energy & Natural Resources, Transportation, Engineering, Medical & Sciences, Entertainment, Beauty & Fashion etc. The Scandinavian Investment Network helps businesses on the road to recovery.

The Scandinavian Investment Network is the largest angel investment community in the world. It has already raised several millions of Euro Dollars for startups worldwide! On this Scandinavian Investment Network, entrepreneurs can connect with investors, and message them to raise money and expand their network. On the Scandinavian Investment Network, entrepreneurs can build lasting and profitable relationships with investors.

Entrepreneurs in need of funding, can publish their pitch to the network of angel investors. There are 4 different packages (rates) such as the Novice, Pro, Global Pro and Executive packages where investors can upload logos, images, videos and documents about their business projects. With these different packages, entrepreneurs can get more interest, more traffic, more investment, and get detailed feedback from the expert team.

Step-by-step guide on this platform for both entrepreneurs and investors:
a) You can sign up now to connect with investors and get funded. There are currently over 200,000 investors worldwide, with investors joining all the time.
b) You can create a pitch for your business (your business presentation to investors), using a template and other resources on the website.
c) You can publish your pitch to interested investors to browse or discover. You can send your pitch to investors by email or by a personalized message to investors.
d) You can connect with investors that are interested in your business project to start discussions, and of course to eventually get funded from investors.

Why wait? Check out the business resources in our books now. Join this Scandinavian Investment Network now and reap the rewards. Make all your dreams come true! Email us at info@globalspecialtysourcett.com for more information about our books.

Sunday 14 October 2018

Knowledge Is Power

The small business GHG GLOBAL POWERHOUSE offers two very helpful books (written by Gillian Gaspard), to help people live a life with lots of wealth, joy and happiness, peace of mind and good health too.

Finally, there is now a book for every need. There is now a special book to help everyone! Our first book is an essential guide for NGOs, Volunteers, The Business Sector, Educational Institutions, Official Agencies, Religious Bodies, Governments worldwide and for anyone who desires a better life. This is a book every home should have, as it gives healthy cooking tips for the family and also Feng Shui tips to create a peaceful and harmonious environment in the home. This book teaches you how to lead a happier and healthier life and gives valuable ideas in dealing with urgent environmental challenges, such as Global Warming and Climate Change. Governments will learn how to reduce Greenhouse Gases significantly. It also teaches how to achieve Energy Security and boost Energy Efficiency. This book helps to raise environmental consciousness globally and creates a new awareness of how we can positively impact the earth and our personal health. This book holds the message of Personal Health, Global Environmental Renewal and a Practical Plan for Peace that starts with each one of us. This book is also of great value to people in the Energy Industry. It even contains strategies and ideas for increasing Energy Security and focuses on renewable energy sources, enhancing service delivery, innovative green tech companies and websites for support agencies as well. This book can help energy companies to reduce inefficiencies in their energy systems by saving energy, reducing waste and minimizing losses. In this book there are steps (green practices) that countries and development partners can take to attract Investments for sustainable Energy initiatives.This book also contains many helpful resources to help us move towards a more sustainable future and achieve prosperity for all.

This book is of great value to the Media. It provides information for Entrepreneurs and people wishing to start their own home business. Also there are many Career and Job Resources for job seekers. You will find many resources for parents, healthcare professionals, business managers, speakers, business coaches, teachers, counselors, beauty consultants, makeup artists, creative artists, photographers, real estate agents, architects, farmers, people in the oil and gas industry, people in the travel and tourism industry, non-profits and environmental companies. With this special book, your health will greatly improve, and it will bring you much wealth, and a level of happiness that you have never experienced before. Additionally, you will learn how practicing gratitude daily, can miraculously change your life. Dealing with domestic violence and how to maintain healthy and happy relationships are also in this book.There are various health resources for dealing with stress, depression, grief, alcohol and drug abuse, child abuse, cancer, eating disorders, anxiety disorders, chronic pain, weight loss and diabetes.There are helpful resources for the LGBT community too. Business Managers will find lots of ideas on how to create a healthier and better work environment for their staff, how to help their staff work smarter and better, how to improve work relationships and increase profitability. You will learn how to attract wealth and success easily and how to get what you want. There are funding resources for NGOs/Non-Profits here. Governments will also learn how to create sustainable jobs, reduce food shortages and increase food security. There are key tips for Governments to achieve economic prosperity. This book gives you great value for your money!

With our second book, you can land your dream job or get the job promotion that you want. In our second book you will learn about personal branding and image management, leveraging social networks like Linkedin for your job search or next job interview, dressing for job interview success, job interview and job preparation for that interview advantage, time management skills, creating a great career portfolio, and learning skills needed to succeed at work. Young entrepreneurs will also learn about starting their own business, crowdfunding sources and attending startup incubators (to help entrepreneurs grow their business). In this book there are lots of career and job resources for healthcare jobs, green jobs, tech jobs. There are also helpful resources for finding jobs in different US states and there are different contact info for top US Universities as well.

Our first book is available on Amazon at http://goo.gl/fofZB6. Our second book is available on Amazon at https://goo.gl/b7jYiU. Please feel free to post your book reviews on Amazon at these book links. Contact us at info@globalspecialtysourcett.com for more info. GHG GLOBAL POWERHOUSE-giving you the power to lead a happier and healthier life!

Saturday 14 April 2018

Best Makeup Fix

We now offer our new makeup brand called MAGIC FIXXX. What makes this makeup brand far better than other makeup brands? This makeup brand is paraben free, gluten free and cruelty free. They are high quality products made in the USA. This makeup brand was created especially to help fix or hide many skin imperfections such as oily skin, dull complexions, scars, blemishes, broken capillaries, uneven skin tone, dark circles around the eyes and even for skin problems like rosacea. This makeup brand has a wide range of different products to suit any skin tone, and for people from different age brackets and for people with different interests. We also offer special makeup with SPF which gives a natural face lift, especially for adults with aged skin. We even offer special face kits for teenagers with vibrant colors in fun makeup bags. Additionally, we offer special makeup for travel and photography purposes as well.

Our wide range of products include special makeup kits for professional women or business travelers, special kits for professional makeup artists, brow kits for that perfect brow look, contour kits, cream correctors for redness or under eye circles, skin soothing face primers, color correcting foundations, perfect matte foundations that are lightweight and convenient for travel, blush bouquets in gorgeous artistic rose patterns, glitzy eye shadows and eye dusts for carnival, powder bronzers for a healthy sun tan glow, special powders to reduce shine on the face, color forms powders to even out the skin tone, special dual active powder foundations to protect the skin and for people with oily skin, blemish & capillary concealers to effectively cover blemishes, broken capillaries and scars. There are also lip glosses, lipsticks and other special lip products to prevent lipsticks from fading and keeping lipsticks in place all day. Our mineral line makeup will be out by June 2018. The benefits of the mineral line are that it has botanical extracts to help soothe the skin and to help diminish the look of fine lines and wrinkles. It is great for people with sensitive skin.

What is our most popular product presently? It is our WEEKENDER KIT. This kit is very popular with professional women, business travelers and even housewives too. The weekender kit consists of mascara, lipstick, 2 blushes, 4 eye shadows, 1 lip pencil, 1 eye pencil, pro-finish powder foundation with sponge, blush brush, applicators, large mirror. This kit is made of a special lightweight material to carry easily in your handbag or work bag. This kit is excellent for quick touch ups for parties, functions, events or business meetings. Women love to take along this kit for weekend travel trips. Also, the blush and eye shadow colors are not too bright and include nice, soft earthy tones for a very classy look. The lipstick gives a nice, attractive berry shade and shine. The ‘super lash mascara’ is a lash-building mascara enriched with vitamin B5 for moisturizing and conditioning lashes. The pro-finish foundation is a dual active powder that is excellent for people with oily skin, as it is oil free and fragrance free and infused with anti-oxidants that inhibit premature aging due to exposure to free radicals. This pro-finish powder works well with our face primers and can be used wet for more coverage or used dry for a glowing natural look. The weekender kit comes in dark, medium and light shades (for different skin tones).

We offer very helpful kits for makeup artists:

PROFESSIONAL KIT consists of 10 eye shadows, 8 blushes, 2 lip pencils, 1 eye pencil, 4 lipsticks, 2 mint lip gloss, mascara, concealer/brow duo, blush brush, eye shadow applicators. It also has a camouflage cover cream to help hide dark circles under the eyes. It also has a color forms powder to even out the skin tone and 1 corrector quad to help correct skin/beauty flaws. It also comes with a 32 piece professional makeup brush set and a special triage etc, this triage helps neutralize redness, revitalizes the look of dull skin and refreshes tired skin. The triage can be used alone or under foundation and can be used for men and women. The Professional Kit comes with other main tools and is available in light, medium and dark shades. It comes in a professional black makeup bag.

NUDE KIT has nice earth tones (bronze, copper, beige and taupe shades). It consists of 9 different eye shadows, 1 highlighter, 1 contour powder and 2 blushes. 

POWDER CONTOUR KIT is a very helpful contour kit; you can sculpt, shade, highlight and contour. This refillable powder contour kit comes with 6 silky soft pressed powders. From the top and from left to right are banana, vanilla and sand colors. From the bottom and from left to right are the fawn, java and truffle colors. 

STROBE & GLOW KIT gives you a luminous effect with the smooth and silky ultra shimmering pressed highlighter powders. It uses highly frosted illuminators to accentuate areas of the face where you want a radiant natural looking glow. In the kit (from the top and from left to right), are the bronze glow color for deep or dark skin, evening glow color for light skin and moon glow color for medium skin. In the kit (from the bottom and from left to right), are the natural glow color for medium skin, starlight glow color for olive skin and sun glow color for fair or light skin. 

BROW KIT is essential for any brow lover. This kit includes brow powder, setting wax, matte highlighter, shimmering highlighter, angled brow brush and applicator (available in light, medium, dark and deep shades). You can ask about our brow gel (brow fix) to coat brows and keep them tamed and in good shape. Ask about our tinted brow gel that tints and tames your brows easily and makes your brows look fuller and more defined. Ask about our brow definers which are pressed brow powders that fill, define and shape brows. With our brow products, you get to be your own unique brow stylist.

Makeup artists also have additional items to help them with their work. We offer disposables such as disposable foundation sponges and disposable puffs for foundation powders. We also offer disposable mascara brushes, disposable lip brushes and disposable double ended applicators. Also there are professional makeup brushes such as angle chisel, angle definer, complexion, deluxe brow lash, pointed oval chisel, mini oval camouflage, medium chisel fluff, squirrel crease etc. Also available are gentle eye makeup removers and 4 oz bottles with a special liquid to clean your makeup brushes.

Do you have a small cosmetics store here in Trinidad, and want to re-sell our makeup products? We can offer you a great deal when you buy our makeup products wholesale. Email us now at info@globalspecialtysourcett.com to find out about our trendy makeup kits to create that special look that you want. You can share our makeup info with your friends on social media. Look for us on Facebook under ‘Health and Beauty Products.’ Phone us for more info at (868)3704399.  Perhaps you are not perfect, but now you can look picture perfect with our makeup. Experience the magic today!